In Deep

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Description: It's a sweltering summer day, and the Vegas sun is burning bright. A few Helix hotties are cooling off horsing around in the pool, cannon balling, and playing volleyball, when sexy stud, Silas Brooks takes notice of delicious new model, Tyler Moore. Brooks turns on his trademark charm, and soon enough, he ends up lip locked, and stripping down in the bedroom with the tasty young morsel! The naughty newbie has of course heard the rumblings about Silas' super-sized, stud slab, but is anxious to find finally find out for himself.

With lust in his loins, and thirst in his velvety throat, he sinks to his knees, hooks Brooks' waistband, and tugs his trousers down in one swift motion. The legendary, big slab of beef bounces out glorious, gargantuan gusto. With wide eyes, and a wet mouth, Tyler devours that dick with slutty, tongue twirling, tonsil-tickling, twink talent. Brooks brings his tosses back head up, composing himself as his hunger for hole kicks in.

He maneuvers the boy onto the bed, pulls down those drawers, and plants his hungry mug right in the twink's tight, tan tail. He laps at the lad's succulent, super smooth center, cracks him on the can, then tells him, "keep that ass in the air." He muscles his massive meat deep in the horny lil' hottie's warm hole, and gets about the business of breaking him in. The sunkissed blond bottom takes every thick inch Silas smashes into him with glee.

After a devastatingly delicious doggy style dicking, top twink tenderizes turns the lil' spinner on his side, where he nearly splits the slut open. Brooks then grabs the golden boy's legs, and pulls him closer for a bussy breaking, bang out on his back. The bronze skinned bottom takes it like a champ, grabbing his own sizable jock, and jacking it till it juts jizz all over his shredded, tight torso.

Brooks pulls his pulsing piece out, then splatter paints that well plowed, pink pucker with his prized, pornstar spunk. Through panting breath, he eases his still convulsing cum cannon back in, then kisses the slutty, surfer looking lad on the lips.
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