The Neighbor

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Description: Daddy John is a fit and sexy older gentleman with a broad back, toned muscular arms, and an old-school cool confidence. His morning routine is abruptly cut short when his young neighbor, Kai Taylor, stops by to ask him for a favor. Kai is a smooth, twunky college guy who always seems to be in a bind, and this morning is no different. His printer is again out of ink, and he quickly needs to print off a university assignment. John is here to save the day, and he invites him in for a nice coffee and to use his computer.

After logging in, Kai stumbles upon John's open porn stash. He's surprised and excited by what he finds and quickly becomes curious about the videos on John's computer. Scrolling quickly through the site, tries to check it out secretly. But when he clicks on a video– and the sound starts to play, it's over! Though he quickly closes the browser window, John quickly catches him in the act. Kai sheepishly admits that he's always been curious, and John, being well-experienced, offers to take charge and show Kai a thing or two.

Starting with a little lesson on sucking daddy-dick and quickly evolving to a horny fuck-fest on the couch.
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