Caught Raw-Handed, Part 3

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Description: Guy-next-door Joel Someone was anxious to bottom for the first time so, naturally, he scanned the popular hookup apps to find a man with a reasonably sized cock. While it appeared that Aspen had the perfect “training” package in his photos, it was obvious when the trick’s pants came down in person that his endowment was more than Joel believed his tight, hairy asshole could accommodate. Interestingly, Aspen’s gorgeous dick slid right up Joel’s puckered hotspot as though it were designed to fit, even though Joel couldn’t put his finger on precisely why. Fortunately for Joel, though, Aspen was able to put his finger right on it — not to mention, deep inside it — resulting in a gushing cum drench for both the drippingly sweaty Aspen and a now stretched-out Joel. Needless to say, when Joel reports the “dick pic dilemma” to the police’s lead catfish crime investigator, Adam Russo, he struggles with whether exactly he was violated...or touched by an angel.