The Pit Stop 2

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Description: Anastasio Markez is parked at the hookup spot when he gets a phone call. He says he's at work but his partner knows he’s full of [censored], and this isn't his first rodeo. But, when hottie Zack Mackay saunters up to the car, Anastasio quickly cuts his conversation short and this Pit Stop gets a little more interesting.

Zack is sexy and ready to fuck and Anastasio knows a more secluded spot where they can fuck. The hunky young beefcake joins Zack in the back of the truck, their lips touch and Zack quickly starts rubbing the bulge in Anastasio's pants, looking for a taste of his cock. While Zack deep throats his stiff member his smooth cheeks take a few good spanks, and the blue jock gives easy access. Anastasio wants to fuck raw and Zack obliges, bouncing up and down on his cock.

He pounds ass in the back of the truck before moving outside and gives Zack waves of pleasure before cumming on his face and Zack shoots his own load on the ground.
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